Tips For A Stress-Free Long Trips

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Tips For A Stress-Free Long Trips

If you are planning to go on a trip that will take you a longer time to actually reach your destinations, there are some ways you can ensure that it is a stress-free trip. For example, you should make sure that your car insurance or the insurance of the car you rented has the roadside assistance policy included; with this you can expect great services if you need some help for a flat tyre repair Melbourne.

The key to having a good and stress-free long trip is to plan in advance. This does not only mean that you need to pack everything you want. There are many things you need to take into consideration, and the list below will surely help you out.

Have a fun road trip and make a plan

  1. Sleep is important

Before you start your trip, think about exhaustion. You need to get at least 7h of sleep before going on your trip, especially if you intend to drive for two days. It is smart to start your journey early, and make a break between 1 and 3pm when your body is known to be the drowsiest.

  1. Fuel up

While it is important that you fuel your car and bring extra fuel on the side in case of emergencies, it is also important that you ‘fuel’ yourself as well. This means that you should carry all the necessary health related things, food and water with you. To stay alert, you should carry carrots and almonds!

  1. Stay Hydrated

Another important thing is to always have water with you. After you have packed everything that you want to take, put another bottle of water extra with you, just in case you run out. The only downside to this is that you will have to make bathroom breaks, but that is not that bad since making small breaks is good to relax your brain.

  1. Plan your stops

As much as it is important to know your destination, it is important that you know your road as well. You should plan the stops ahead of time, and make sure you follow your plan. When making breaks, be sure to stretch your legs and socialize with other people (in case you are travelling with more people).

  1. Chew gum

While you are chewing gum, your alertness and circulation is actually increased. There is no need for the gum to be a sugary one, as it will not increase this affect. It is proven that people who chew gum while driving are much more alert and aware of their surroundings.

  1. Don’t panic

If your car suddenly stops working in the middle of the road, do not panic. You should try to park it somewhere on the side where it is more safe, and if you are unable to do so, just make sure that other people are aware that you are having car trouble. After that you should give roadside assistance a call.

  1. Music is relaxing

If you are driving alone, you should definitely put on some music! This way your mind will be relaxed but also alert at the same time. In addition, if you are travelling with other people there are tons of word games you guys can enjoy.

                                                       Enjoy some sweet sounds while you drive

Final word


The roadside assistance team helps all vehicles, for example the Roadside Response will help you even if you need a truck towing Perth service. This is why it is important that your car insurance covers the roadside assistance services!

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